Freshwater Factual Information- Everything you need to know

Commonly found water-dwellers in the Freshwater Biome include....

Kingdom Animalia:

The animals that live in the freshwater biome vary from place to place, due to where they are found in the world. When people think of the freshwater biome animals, they will most likely think of fish like trout and pike. At least, that's what I think of. But there are many other animals found here as well, such as the painted turtle and the water spider. Visit a lake, river, or pond and open your eyes to how many animals are out there. You may be surprised.

The common trout (Slama trutta)
The trout is found in many moving bodies of water such as rivers and streams.


The North American Painted Turtle (Chrysemys picta)
This variety of turtle is common in the stagnent bodies of water in the freahwater biome such as ponds and creeks.

external image 250px-Esox_lucius1.jpg

The Northern Pike (Esox masquinogy)
This species of fish lives in the lakes of the freshwater biome.

external image females.jpg

Freshwater Jellyfish (Craspedacusta sowerbyi)
Freshwater jellyfish are found in certain lakes.

external image North_American_river_otter_fact_sheet.jpg North American River Otter (Lontra Candesis)
North American River Otters live in rivers in this biome.

Water_Spider.jpgWater Spider (Argyroneta aquatica.)
The water spider is food for many fish in rivers and lakes.

50493166.JPG Leech (Hirudo medicinalis)
The common leech lives in lakes.

Bluegill.jpg Bluegill (Lepomis macrochirus)
The bluegill lives in many lakes, streams and rivers.

aquatic_blunt2.gif Bluntnose minnow (Phimphales notatus)
This minnow can live in places from small brooks to large streams.

Kingdom Plantae:

Believe it or not, the Freshwater Biome is home to many underwater plant species! Most of the plants have strong roots to grasp onto rocks in fast moving rivers. Other plants, like the water lily, are commonly found in stagnant ponds and therefore float. Mosses also live in the Freshwater Biome.Many of these plants live along the banks of wetlands, and are included in the Freshwater Biome.

th_NikiintheGardenwaterlillies.jpg Water lillies (Nympheaceae nymphaeales)
These are water lillies, a commonly found plant in the Freshwater Biome

cattail01.jpg Cat tails (Typha latafolia)
Cattails- found in shallow, slow moving or stagnent bodies of water

Mosses.jpgWater Moss (Fontinalis sphagnifolia)
Water mosses can live in many types of freshwater biomes because they are able to cling to rocks to stabilize.

Water_Paspalum.gifWater Paspalum (Paspalum repens)
The water paspalum is a grass that is often found in quiet waters. It provides cover for fish.

lotus_photo_A23F9C.jpgLotus plant (Purshianas plantae)
The lotus plant lives in the bigs and wetland of the freshwater biome.

Java_Fern.jpg Java Fern (Microsorum pteropus)
Java Ferns can be found in many freshwater aquariums and in the wild.

Kingdom Fungi:

Most fungi in the freshwater biome are microscopic, as are all of the fungi listed below. But when in colonies, fungi can become visible. Some fungi such as Savoryella aquatica feed on rotting wood, as can be seen from the picture.

images.jpg (Saprolengia)
This is a microscopic fungi.

cancellidium_applanatum.jpg (Cancellidium applanatum)
This is a fungi found on rotting wood.

bryozoa2.jpg (Savoryella aquatica)
This fungi is also found on rotting wood.

Kingdom Protista:
Protists make up yet another part of the freshwater biome. Since protists are microscopic, there are many more of them than plants and animals! A few are listed below:

Ameoba.jpg Testate Amoeba (Psammonobiotus communis)
This is an amoeba.

Mallomonas_s19_sloughpuddle3_402.jpg (Mallomonas alpina)
This is a protist found in freshwater lakes.

Mallomonas_tonsurata01.jpg (Mallomonas tonsurata)
This is another freshwater protist.

Kingdom Monera: Monerans are also found in the freshwater biome. Some are disease threatening and others are plainly harmless. Some examples are listed shown below:

images.jpeg (Vibrio cholerae)
Vibrio cholerae is also known as the bacteria that causes the sometimes fatal disease of cholera. Cholera is a killer in places such as Africa. This bacteria can be spread through unclean water and is also found in some ponds, rivers, and lakes.

images-2.jpeg (Plectonema gracillimum)
This is a cyanobacteria that is found in the freshwater biome.

Other monerans find their homes in the intriguing freshwater biome. And example could be:
images-4.jpeg(Alcaligenes aquatilis)

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