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An Overview of the Temperate Rainforest
The temperate rainforest is a beautiful place, home to a community of many animals, plants, fungi, and microorganisms. There is a huge variety of animals in the temperate rainforest. There is a wide range of big animals and small animals. A few animals found in the Temperate Rainforest include the roughskin newt, common sun star, rofous hummingbird, and the river otter. The moist, cool air of the temperate rainforest helps support many different types of animals. Plants include western hemlock, chaparral dodder, bigleaf mapple, and more. There are a lot of big trees and plants found here, and there are many colorful plants and flowers that attract animals. Fungi found here includes Peziza violacea, which is a colorful fungus, and the orange peel, which look just like an actual orange peel! A system of fungal networks, called mycorrhizal fungi, lie among tree roots. One kind of Protist that lives here is a euglena, which is a protozoan. Another is the sea lettuce, which is an algae. From Kingdom Monera there are thermphiles and halophiles. They are what we call archaebacteria. For more information on these and other species of organisms in the Temperate Rainforest, visit the Factual Page.

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The Temperate Rainforest can be found on the NW coast of North America, the Appalachian Mountains, the southern part of South America, parts of China, the Himalayans, New Zealand, Australia, Europe, Iceland, North and South Korea, and all of Japan. The green on this map shows where temperate rainforests can be found.

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The Temperate Rainforest Climate
The climate of the temperate rainforest is very moist. The average annual rainfall is about 140 inches per year or more. There are two seasons - one long, wet season and one short, dry season. The climate is mild because the summer temperatures rarely pass 80 degrees fahrenheit, and the winter temperatures rarely fall below freezing. The winters are mild and wet, and the summers are cloud-covered or foggy. There is much precipitation that, for the most part ,falls as rain, but can fall as snow in higher elevations. The coastal mountains act as a barrier to keep the moisture in and block extreme temperatures and conditions.

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